10 trading tips for FUT 22

You can earn coins in FIFA Ultimate Team without spending any money. You just need to know how. In this post, we will talk about 10 different ways that you can trade players within the game and get more coins for your team!

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Best trading tips for FUT 22

  1. Check the latest SBCs and what players are needed to complete them. Even if you don’t need the players yourself, look at their prices and buy when they are low. Sell them when the demand is high.
  2. Look out for packs that have good value for money. Some packs have much higher value than you think. For example gold packs that only includes players. You can use your coins to purchase these “discount” packs or sell items from it in the market.
  3. Use untradable players for Squad Building Challenges to receive tradeable players. You can’t sell untradeable players anway. This is a good way to turn them into coins.
  4. You can use an autobuyer for Ultimate Team, but you should be aware of some risks. Autobuyers are against the game rules and EA can ban you for using them. If your account is closed, then all of your work will be gone. You might also lose coins because it’s not very safe to use an autobuying script that other people wrote themselves.
  5. You should know when a price increase occurs and for what players. If normal gold card players are getting a special cards the price of their normal cards will decrease.
  6. Use the FIFA 22 coin generator to generate free coins and points. You can use the coins for everything. Open packs or directly buy players from the market. It is upt to you.
  7. Participate in FUT Champions to get awesome rewards and to open packs with great players. Quick sell those players or trade them. It doesn’t matter.
  8. The market goes after one rule: Supply and demand. The better the players are (for example FUT Icons) the less of them are available. If someone is looking for Gullit, but there is no card available on the market, you can decide the price. You can sell him over his actual value, simply because there is no one else who is offering him on the market.
  9. FIFA Ultimate Team Trading is all about keeping up with prices and knowing when they go down or increase. Set buy now prices in your trading sessions for items you want to sell if things are going great. But never sell players under their actual value. Always make a research before listing players.
  10. Sell position cards, especially those for CDM/CM/CAM. You can sell them for more than 2000 coins each.

We will publish more tips and tricks for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team soon. Stay tuned!


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