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Get unlimited FIFA 22 coins and points now for sure

Every one of you knows the feeling: Just before kick-off you are shown the opposing team. In the best case only average players are in it, but in the worst case icons like Gullit, Pele or Ronaldo are in it paired with Mbappe in the striker. That feeling when you just want to quit and then you usually do sooner or later.

But now there is really good news for you, because from now on you can be the person everyone else is afraid of and respects. With the FIFA 22 Coins Hack you can generate infinite coins and points and use them to either open FUT packs or buy players in the transfer market!

What do you think all the other successful players are doing? Do you think they are seriously spending their real money? How many FIFA Points do you think they have to buy to get Pele and Gullit? Of course they used the FIFA 22 coin generator – what else?

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Get free FIFA 22 coins and points!

Buy FIFA 22 coins or use the generator?!

Each of you knows one thing above all: the FUT coins are much more important than the Points. This is because you can buy players with the coins. With the Points you can only open packs or play FUT Draft. Opening packs is not only pure gambling, but it is also really frustrating. The chance of getting a superstar is extremely low, especially at the beginning of FUT 22. Drafting a FUT Icon at the beginning of FUT 22? Stop dreaming. The chance that Messi fights against Connor McGregor in WWE is higher than drawing a FUT icon shortly after the release of FIFA 22.

For this reason players like you either want to buy FIFA 22 coins or they want to use the FIFA 22 hack. Which method is cheaper and safer? There are no two opinions.

The chance that you will be banned if you buy FUT 22 coins is much higher than if you use FIFA Coin Generator. This is mainly because Electronic Arts can track where the coins come from. As soon as they detect any unnatural behavior, they will ban your account. However, with the FIFA 22 hack for Ultimate Team, the coins are simply generated. They were not with anyone before. They are created just like that. This means that no one can track them because they didn’t exist before.

What you should know about FIFA 22 Ultimate Team cheats

Especially at big magazines like Spieletipps, GIGA or IGN you will find really many tips and tricks for FUT 22. Often the headline says “FIFA 22 cheats for Ultimate Team”, but this is really not true. Or maybe they have a different definition of cheats? In our opinion cheats are not very simple instructions, tips or tricks, but actions that give someone an unauthorized advantage in the game – for example generating or adding free coins or points!

Therefore most of the FIFA 22 cheats which you can find on the internet are the biggest snot and it’s just unnecessary clickbait. Funny that the hobby journalists of the lying press never publish an article about the FIFA 22 hack or generator. But who would have expected something else? Well, if you are just looking for tips and tricks for Ultimate Team or you are the absolute noobs, these “cheats” will help you to some extent. Otherwise you can skip them and use the FIFA 22 coin generator. You can find it a bit further below and it works perfectly. In the end it’s only about how many coins and points you have.

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Frequently asked questions

Does this FIFA 22 hack really work?

Of course it does. We and thousands of other players worldwide use it every day and we have never had any problems.

What is there to consider?

You need to enter your correct username and choose whether you are playing on PlayStation, Xbox or PC. Also, the game should not be running in the background. Just log out of FUT while using the FIFA 22 coins hack.

For which consoles does it work?

The FIFA 22 hack is compatible with all consoles – even with the next generation consoles!

Does it also work for the FUT Companion and the Web App?

Yes, since the last update it also works for the Companion App and the Ultimate Team Web App, which you can find on EASports.com.

What data do I have to enter?

Only your username, on which platform you play and how many coins and points you want to get. We won’t ask you for your password, security question or any other private info, so don’t panic!

How exactly does this work?

The FIFA 22 Coin Generator exploits a loophole in the database of the game. This loophole exists for several years now and has never been fixed. No wonder, because the whole game is full of glitches and bugs and EA never fixes anything. Anyway, our hack identifies your username in the game’s database and then simply changes some values. All this is done automatically. Not even we know who you are or how many coins you generate.

Do I need to use proxies?

Nope, we already have them integrated.

Can anyone see that I used the FIFA 22 Coin Generator?

No, you are completely anonymous.

Do I have to download or install anything?

No, this is an online generator. You don’t have to download it, you can use it here directly on FIFA22-hack.de.

Will the coins or points be removed at some point?

No, they will not. You can use them all and as soon as they are used up, you can just get new ones.

Can I upgrade the game?

Yes, you can. The coins, points and players will not disappear.

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The best strategy to get into the top 100

To get into the top 100 in the FUT Champions Cup, it is not enough to just have good skills. You need to have the best possible players that are matched to your formation and then you need to make some adjustments within the formation to influence when they attack, how they attack and how they defend. For this reason, it’s worth taking a close look at all the pros who are constantly on YouTube and Twitch. Just look at their tactics and analyze their playing style. Then use the FIFA 22 hack to get the best players in your team. This way you’re guaranteed to win over 20 FUT Champions Cup victories.

The best YouTubers and streamers

Here is a list of the best streamers and YouTubers that will show you strategies, tips and tricks for FUT 22. These are especially useful if you already have the most kickass team, but have no idea how to use the players or what formation is helpful.

  • BorasLegend
  • Manny
  • Y5K
  • proownez
  • Ovvy


You haven’t played FUT yet? Then check out the screenshots of the new version now.

Important – This way you won’t be banned in any case

We have asked more than thousand gamers why they don’t want to use the FIFA 22 coin generator and here is the most common answer: You don’t want to be banned! First of all we want to make clear that we ourselves have generated millions of coins and hundreds of thousands of FIFA Points but we have not been banned. The same is true for many other players who have used the FIFA 22 hack successfully. So, what is the reason?

It is very important to understand that you must not brag at all. Of course, it is an absolutely cool thing when you can get free coins and points just like that. Especially when 99% of the other players spend a lot of money or time just to get coins. So you should never mention in the stream on YouTube or Twitch that you used a hack. The same goes for your friends in real life. Never underestimate what jealous people are capable of. The chance that they will report you is extremely high, no matter how friendly they are to you. They can’t stand the fact that you got 20 million coins in just two minutes, while they spent weeks and months to get one million.

You know what I’m getting at. The most common cause of getting banned is that someone reports you. If someone ever asks you if you used a FIFA 22 hack, you should just say that you bought FIFA Points and got lucky with the pack opening. In the best case they will even feel sorry for you!

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Special features of our FIFA 22 coins hack

Here is a list of the best features from the online generator:

  • Generate free FUT Points and coins
  • It works on all consoles
  • It works for the FUT Companion App and the Web App
  • You don’t have to download or install anything
  • There is no risk for you
  • The game can be updated at any time
  • You can get the best players in the game
  • Open unlimited FUT Packs
  • Build any possible team

Our very personal advice about the Coin Generator

The all-important question is whether it is worth generating free FUT coins and points. Tools like the FIFA Ultimate Team hack are nothing new. Such cheats and hacks are available for all kinds of games. Whether it is worth it for you personally, you have to answer yourself.

But we can definitely assure you that you will win more games. Not only in Division Rivals, but also in FUT Champions Cup. For the simple reason that you simply have a better team. It makes a big difference if you “only” have Lukaku or Lewandowski or if you have Mbappe or Ronaldo up front. The difference is huge!

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Use FIFA 22 Hack now

Your decision!

If and how you use the FIFA 22 coins hack is up to you. You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to, but it will help you a lot. If you want to be one of those guys, who want to give a lot of respect to the others already at the beginning, then the FIFA 22 hack is the right thing for you. You can build any team you want. You can get all kinds of players, no matter which ones. No matter if they are FUT icons like Ronaldinho, Ronaldo or Maradona or special cards like MOTM Mbappe or TOTY Messi.

Description of the game

FIFA Ultimate Team has been one of the most popular modes in the game for 10 years now. There you can create your own team and compete against players from all over the world.

Over the years EA has added more and more features and modes within FUT. Squad Building Challenges, Division Rivals, FUT Champions Cup, Squad Battles and much more. Since FIFA 21 there is a sophisticated reward and level system where you have to reach certain goals to unlock rewards.

But not everything EA does is in the interest of the community and the players. Among other things, they have made sure that there are absolutely unrealistic events and special maps like “Future Stars”. Almost all of these maps have a rating of over 90 and are, of course, extremely desirable. But it doesn’t stop there. Besides Future Stars, there are countless other special cards like TOTS, TOTY, Icons, MOTM, TOTW, Chinese New Year, St. Patricks Day and many more. Since FUT 22 there are now also the Heroes, players who have already finished their career and were not good enough for a FUT Icon card, but should still be integrated into the game.

Where does all this lead to? Exactly, it leads to spending more and more money on FUT Packs. Every week new high profile maps are released, which also look pretty cool. At the same time, with Division Rivals and of course the FUT Champions Cup, there are certain game modes where you desperately need the best players!

Of course, all of this is intentional and is only aimed at getting you to buy more and more FUT Points. Thanks to the FIFA 22 hack, you won’t have this problem anymore. You can seriously generate as many free points and coins as you want. Just use the FIFA 22 Coin Generator for Xbox, PlayStation or PC. For some time now, the FIFA 22 hack has also been available for the FUT Companion App for iOS and Android, as well as the FUT Web App on Easports.com.